Monday, April 22, 2013


It's been a year since I've even looked at our blog.  Where does the time go?

Last week I was driving to the store alone, when I must have passed every crazy person that lives in our town.  It was a parade of people talking/singing to themselves, gesturing to the sky, wandering across the street-I don't know.  It was a noticeable assortment of some really disturbed individuals.  When I got to the store, someone was being arrested!  Lovely.  I pulled into a parking spot and got some scary looks from a guy who didn't think a girl should be driving a truck or something.  He was clearly not happy with me sitting behind the wheel. I waited for him to leave before I got out and went into the store.  In the smelly candle aisle, there were some young men dressed like slobs, shopping for smelly candles?  I don't think so.  They were perusing many aisles with no particular direction(and of course they were in the aisles I needed to be in) and I was thinking to myself, "Don't they have somewhere to be, like work?"  Feeling a bit unsettled at this point, I just wanted to get the heck out of there. I purchased my things, revved up the truck not meant for a girl, and decided to take a detour through some neighborhoods when I see ahead of me, two guys pedaling like crazy on their bikes.  "Now there are some boys with direction!" I think to myself.  Lo and behold, those two boys were the missionaries.  I felt an immense sense of gratitude for their service.  What a contrast to the empty wandering I had just encountered.  These young men had purpose and a plan to get somewhere.  (Never mind that we were in the middle of another stellar Seattle rainstorm:)

Like all of us, this last week has been one of sadness for those individuals hurt or killed at the hands of evil people.  I have felt scared for my kids and the kind of world they are facing.  As I contrasted the two groups of people I observed on my way to/from the store, it was reaffirmed to me that the only way to combat evil is to follow the direction of Jesus Christ. 

Our nation is being crippled by its "moral relativism."  We are getting to the point, if not already there, where there is no longer a right or a wrong.  Many of the friends and family of the "Boston Bombers" knew that these two young men had radical views, even stating that they heard one of them say that terrorism isn't wrong if the cause is justified.  Yet know one spoke out, because the general consensus was that it is their prerogative to feel that way.  Have we lost our minds??? The gospel of Jesus Christ gives us clear answers to all of the issues we face. It gives us direction on what to teach our children when the world no longer knows what is up or down.  We HAVE to teach our children the difference being right and wrong or else the world will teach them that there is no difference.  I am so grateful to those missionaries who showed me there is still good in this world, that there are still people striving to do good and to be good.  I hope that we can be that example to our children.  We can't afford not to be.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Profound Thoughts

I sat down during this rare moment of peace to write something profound. I was sent this link to a blog and loved it:

So I thought I'd expound on it some more, but all I can think about is hair.


We have hair EVERYWHERE in this house! It's gets stuck in the broom, it's wrapped itself around the vacuum roller enough to make a wig. It's even floating through the air for heaven sakes! I've had to deal with this my whole life, what with always having long hair and all, but to add four girls on top of that! Seriously, what did I do to deserve?

I just spent the better part of an hour mopping, vacuuming and dehairing this entire house. What started me on this task was the sheer grossness that came from being on my hands and knees in the kitchen and seeing the lovely strands stuck to the bottom of each and every chair. Those stupid felt thingies are hair and dust magnets. So I turned every chair over and dejunkified them. Does any one else do this or am I the only one with gross felt pads under my chair legs? I'm almost thinking a scratched up floor is worth saving me the trouble.

Just last week, the unthinkable happened. We had some friends over for dinner. I don't need to say anymore.

On the bright side of things, I no longer have to take the blame for every long strand of blond hair that makes it's way into places it shouldn't be. I have four little dears who can take one for the team now.

Jerry Seinfeld gave a funny monologue on hair once that made me think. He said that we fuss over hair, kiss people on the head, and run our fingers through it. But as soon as it finds its way into our food, you may as well call the hazmat team. Why is that? Would it make a difference if that person said they had just shampooed and conditioned? Well, something to ponder on.

I'm about to be turned into a fairy by one of these little princesses, so I'd better find my wings and fly. Ta Ta for now:)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Coming up for air

After talking to my lovely sis-in-law, (who I miss), and reading my other sis-in-law's blog (who I also miss) about our great visit together, I am now fully committing myself to reviving this near-death blog, for all to enjoy.

We made the long, much anticipated move almost 2 months ago. I do NOT recommended moving during the holidays, by the way, unless you are a super organized person who finishes all Christmas shopping in August. I am not one of those people, so it was a little busy, to say the least. (I was the lone shopper at Target on the was surprisingly quiet.) Thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends, moving day was a smooth transition, and we collapsed into our beds that night with a lot of gratitude for people's generosity!

To tell my favorite moment of the day, I'll need to give a little back story....

For at least 2 months before the move, Kristina asked every time we came to the house(which was like everyday) "Is it done yet?" and I would reply every time, "No, it's not done yet," until the moment we pulled into the driveway to spend our first night here, and she asked, "Is it done yet?" to which I replied with a very enthusiastic, "YES!"

Her look was priceless.

Then she walked up to her room and peed all over the new carpet.
Good feeling's gone.
We think she was marking her territory.

The next three days were vomit, followed by a week of the runs, which all managed to fall on the brand new carpet, of course. A big Thank you to KIDS 'N PETS-the best invention. (And thank you, Shannon, for introducing me to it:)

Needless to say, we were broken in by the time Christmas rolled around. Which was good, because we had 25 of our most favorite people on earth here for Christmas Eve dinner, and it was so nice to relax and visit with everyone and not worry about what might get on the new carpet, because it had already seen everything.

Enough chit-chit. Here are a couple of pictures of the new house some of you have been asking to see:

This is the entryway. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

This is the empty family room, for now, and my fast attempt at decorating for Christmas.

The kitchen is still a work in progress. We have to finish the backsplash and paint the legs to the island-which Shawn and Dan built the day before Christmas Eve so we could have a place to put the food! I just ordered chairs so in a week we'll be able to sit around it and enjoy. It is a pleasure to cook in this space, let me tell ya!

Another view of the kitchen and dining area

We finally have a mud room which has been the greatest thing! Since we just have dirt for a yard right now, it is so nice to have a place that catches all the mess!

A few weeks after Christmas we got over a foot of snow!

The kids missed the entire week of school and we didn't leave the house once. It was nice to have somewhat of a forced vacation. A much needed breather!

We are enjoying our new surroundings so much. I get to look at this when I do dishes:

We are so happy and feel very blessed! I'll post some more soon about some of our comings and goings, and a visit from our family that was so fun-we will never forget it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The house has paint:)

After many sleepless night, we finally decided on a paint color for the house. Seriously, stuff like this shouldn't make you lose sleep, but, sadly, it did, because I am not gifted in this area. And, when you're doing something like this, you have no one to blame but yourself if it turns out looking ugly. The pressure is ON people!

We were deciding between a really dusty gray/blue, and a more taupe gray. I had to face reality that we are not living on the New England coast, so we chose the gray that would fit the surroundings a little better. What do you think?

We are so excited for this to be over! I had high hopes for the summer, of spending every day in endless fun with the children, but we ended up spending quite a bit of time doing some work at the house(mixed in with a few trips to the lake, of course!)

We painted sealant on all the soffets to save us a little cash-Shawn always works with a smile on his face:) And he whistles.

The girls would pass the time plugged in or digging in the many dirt piles outside.

Well....I smiled, too, when we were all done!

We had three birthdays to celebrate, too. Rachel, the day before school was over, and Kate and I in July.

The cake is a dogbone...not one of my best, but a hit with the birthday girl.

Kate turned two! I can't believe how that girl is growing, but she is still my snuggle bug.

We (meaning me) somehow slipped in doing a little birthday shopping, so the girls wrapped up some toys we had in the far reachings of the toy box and Kate never knew the difference...

Someday, she may hold it against me, but for now, I'm still okay with her:)

Shawn was birthday cake chef for me, and made me a favorite.....

Very serious work. We've had that blue bowl since our wedding. It will never die.

When it finally got warm enough to play in the water, the girls took full advantage:
(By the way, the weather people measure summer by how many days there are over 80 degrees, and by the end of July we had 72 minutes of summer....yippee! Welcome to life in the Northwest!)

We also took a trip to SLC for a college reunion and were able to see our dear family, too! We met Baby Kohl, just days old...

So cute! As are all of our adorable nephews and nieces! We were so happy to see them and visit with grandparents, too!

We got to spend some time at Temple Square which is always a highlight for me. I marvel at the sacrifices people made to travel so far and build a temple. I feel so good there, it's hard to leave.

And, of course, our annual trip to Twin Lakes-always a highlight. And the weather was superb!

All of the cousins were playing with this crawdad-so brave!

They also went off a rope swing. I was surprised at Rachel's "no fear" attitude. You go girl!
She went a little lower to try it upside down:)

Brooke is ready for take-off!

I love you Katie-Boo!

The kids have started in their new school, and we are in the final stretch to get this house finished. This week, we'll be choosing tile, carpet, hardwood, and lights. My brain hurts. More updates to come, but for now, I'm going nighty-night!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

house update, bird watching, and photo shoot

Just thought I'd post a few pics of the house. They have the inside framed and are now working on the roof. It's becoming more of a reality everyday. Very exciting:)

Umm....we didn't realize it would be so tall. Luckily the neighbors below us look out the opposite direction, otherwise we would feel even more guilty about destroying the lovely hillside they look at before. Anyhoo-it is what it is. Here is what will be the front entrance:

And the kitchen (with the back stairs). My dream come true:)

Here are some cuties we took home with us:

A photo shoot with Kate-I still have yet to learn how this camera works:

A robin decided to take a rest and let the girls get so close to it. You can't create moments like that.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Spring.....

...or so says the calendar. We're all wrapped in blankets, drinking hot cocoa and staring at the rain coming down in buckets. But such is life here in the Great Northwest.

This blog posting thing is turning into a bi-annual event, so sorry to all of you around the country who wait with great anticipation for the next post. I shall be better. We have been busy with life and all of its excitement-building a new house has taken up most of our brain capacity, but I know a lot of you are interested in seeing some pics-so here is little sampling of what's going on...

First of all, this is what the property looked like last summer when we purchased it. It was very hard to picture putting a house there, but then it looked like this:

then this:

and now this:

As of this weekend, they had the basement framed and were beginning to lay the floor for the main floor. It's all very exciting and we can't wait for it to come together. Every Saturday we head up there to check the progress and the girls are calling it our "tradition". Heaven forbid we miss a Saturday, but we love to go and see what's been done. We buried a fruit snack in the corner of what will be the front porch-why? Just for the sheer thrill-or at least it was to Kristina. Maybe we'll get a fruit snack tree next summer, wouldn't that be a treat:). Just so you know-minimal trees lost their lives during the land clearing, but many a sticker bush and bunny have had to find new homes. We did burn 2 or 3 pretty good sized piles of debris-here is Rachel standing on the top of one:

Some other random pics of the kids playing:

And this one just because it's cute:

I love this guy....

We were married 12 years ago yesterday..wowza! Ne'r a cross word shared between us. Well, okay, maybe just a few...but I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!

Oh-and it was Brooke's birthday last week-she is seven! She had a tea party-very girly and very fun. They decorated hats and drank out of real tea cups and each girl took home her very own mini tea set in a little box.(Thanks Julie-for helping them look so cute!) I think I had more fun getting ready for it than the actual party.

Much love to all of you out there-I'll try not to stay away so long:)